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All Kian wanted from life was to be free.

Not to have to follow the path set by his shapeshifter blood – but to have a choice. But right when he had to admit that freedom doesn’t equal happiness, he learns that his childhood friend Shiro had become a Lost One – someone who succumbed to their animal side without a chance to turn back human.

But what if there could be an exception to this irreversible fate? What if Kian could save him?

After The Storm is a coming-of-age urban fantasy webcomic, updated every Thursday!

It is written and drawn by Auri, a freelance illustrator residing and creating near Nuremberg, Germany.


Please be aware that After The Storm explores themes of mental illness and discrimination, occasionally featuring gore and horror elements. Approach with caution while reading!


What tools do you use?

ATS is fully illustrated in Photoshop on a Cintiq Pro 24 inch, for sketching I’m also using an iPad Pro 12.9 inch as well as the good old sketchbook+pencil combination!

But what about brushes?

I often switch up brushes in the hopes to find the next perfect brush – a notion a lot of artists can probably relate to.

Currently I’m mostly using two brush packs I bought from other artists before, feel free to check them out:

Dave Greco Brushes


How did you come up with the comic?

The characters actually originate from a pen and paper campaign I’m playing with my friends since 2018 (yeah really, it’s still the same campaign!). They grew so dear to my heart that I wanted to give them their own space and story – making this comic kind of an AU haha!

I love After The Storm! How can I support the comic?

Thank you so much! Your support means the world to me! If you want to support ATS, you can do so by becoming a Patreon (with early access to pages and bonus content based on your chosen tier), buy from my online shop or buy me a coffee (much needed fuel when working on ATS! ☕️)

I also regularly attend conventions, check my schedule and feel free to say hi if you attend one of these 🙂

Comments, shares and simply reading ATS are also incredibly valuable and keep me going!

How long will After The Storm be?

At the moment, ATS is planned to span approximately 30-40 chapters.

Can I buy a print version of the comic?

Absolutely! I have plans to release physical books, each containing 5-6 chapters, once they are fully illustrated. Stay tuned for more updates!

Is ATS a BL?

ATS is mainly will follow a mystery plot with a romance subplot and is therefore not classified as a Boys Love. While there are certainly LGBT elements included, I don’t want to label this story as Boys Love simply because I feel this would be too restrictive and set wrong expectations.

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