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Kian Timir

Age: 22
Birthday: 9/9
Height: 1.74m
Likes: Cooking, music, watching badly reviewed movies
Dislikes: Hot weather, awkward silences
Element: Shadow

A young shapeshifter who left his hometown to study for four years. He lives with his aunt and uncle since a young age.
Kian struggles with his purpose in life, opting to do what others tell him more often then not, always trying to help others.

Han Marfik

Age: 22
Birthday: 11/26
Height: 1.70m
Likes: Cars, gossiping, people watching, horror movies
Dislikes: Arguing for the sake of arguing, instant coffee, naked feet
Element: Shadow

Childhood friend of Kian.
Han lives alone and works as a barista at a local coffee shop, highly valuing his independence. He seems easy-going and carefree, but cares deeply about his friends and forgives quickly.

Characters will be added as the story progresses

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